Celebrity-Loved Sisco & Berluti Bangles Will Launch at IMPULSE


Posted on October 21, 2013

Celebrity-loved bangle specialists Lisa and Carolyn of Sisco + Berluti are teaming up with Wellesley jewelry boutique Impulse this fall to launch a store-within-store. Though the line is carried in hundreds of stores worldwide, this will be the first dedicated brick and mortar arrangement for the Westwood-based sister duo, with a 300 square foot space showcasing over 1000 hand-beaded bracelets handpicked by the Impulse team. The shop is slated for an early November completion, after which the designers will take the opportunity to present their collections in person during shopping events. Sure, fans like Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, and Michelle Obama won’t be on-siteā€”but we’re sure Lisa and Carolyn are equipped to compile similar bangle stacks for you.