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About Impulse

About ImpulseEnvisioned by brother and sister team, Veronica Sagherian and Anto Aboyan, 15-year veterans in the business of creating and selling jewelry, IMPULSE by Adamas Fine Jewelry transforms the traditional shopping experience with the  same exceptional quality and flair the pair brings to Adamas Fine Jewelry in Newton, MA.

At IMPULSE, we offer an exclusive designer jewelry collections from well-known artists as well as newly discovered names such as renowned French artist Dominique Denaive. From the illuminating pieces of Mizuki, to the contemporary necklaces of Lana Jewelry to the elegantly refined rings of Suzanne Kalan, or the personalized charm collections of Heather B. Moore, find it all and more at IMPULSE.

Each unique piece is hand-made and crafted by some of the most talented jewelry designers in the world. Not only will you find gorgeous and fashionable pieces, discover unique selections for friends and family. IMPULSE byAdamas Fine Jewelry features an exclusive signature jewelry collection available only at our Wellesley, MA showroom. Finally, it has never be easier to trust your impulse.